Bagging process

Along the last 40 years the world has doubled its grain production. The yield per hectare and the industrial capacity have increased while the international trade has expanded. Together with this unstoppable growth, so do the logistic challenges in all the stages of the productive and commercial chain.

  • How can we harvest nonstop without depending on transport availability?
  • How can we store with seasonal and geographical flexibility without the cost and time needed for a traditional silo plant construction?
  • How can we sell grains to places lacking infrastructure?

They may be complex questions. However, all the answers fit in this box. Here inside there is a simple and innovative idea. Its concept and system are dramatically transforming grain storage all over the world.


IPESASILO Instructions

IPESASILO bags have proved to be a highly efficient system. Through a simple six-step process, see how to take advantage of all their potential for preservation.